3743, Memoir
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California Native and Karuk tribal member hopes His Memoir will give others hope. – Feeling inspired by recent events in his life businessman Rob Cabitto decided to share his life experiences with others.

In this book, Cabitto reveals to the reader his once fractured life. It's not all pretty, but it's authentic. “One of my earliest memories was my mother using heroin, nodding off with a cigarette in her hand and catching the house on fire.” writes Cabitto in his recently published memoir, The Fractured Life of 3743: A Journey to Redemption (Beaver’s Pond Press, $17.95).

Cabitto says he wrote the book in hopes that it would inspire others to never give up on themselves or their dreams. In his Memoir Cabitto describes his personal struggles with adoption, addiction, cultural upbringing and deep sense of loss of self. His parents, both from Indian and Irish descent, were unable to care for him due to their struggles with substance abuse.

He takes the reader on a journey that at times, may seem like they are on a rollercoaster. As readers follow Cabitto’s journey through his once shattered life, they learn a lot about resiliency and perseverance from a man who wouldn’t give up. With great candor, Cabitto describes his life experiences and how he overcome tremendous obstacles to become the inspiration he is.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ISBN-10: 1592984320


 “Like many who were raised in unfortunate circumstances, Rob Cabitto made poor choices. But yet, after reaching the bottom of life's well, Rob has climbed out and into the light of forgiveness and service to others. Rob, through his works and his book, 3743, will not only give hope, but truly inspire others toward their own greatness.” DAVE PELZER

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