• Safe and Sound3:12

  • Under the Bridge4:25

  • The Monster (feat. Rihanna)4:10

  • Walking On a Dream3:18

  • How to Save a Life4:22

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  • Ventura Highway3:31

  • Count On Me3:17
  • Blame (feat. John Newman)3:33

  • Crazy On You4:54
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3743, Memoir

  • Good Girl3:25

  • Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin]3:32
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  • Moment 4 Life4:39

  • Empire State of Mind4:37
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  • Gimme Shelter4:30

Music is woven into the very fabric of  our human existence.  Music makes us happy, sad and nostaglic. Music inspires us, heals us and is the connecting tissue between our past, present and future.

I added a few songs here that were instrumental in my growth and healing. Of course this isn't a complete catalog of my music library  you can find more on Pandora, Spotify and Shazam..

  • Blame (feat. John Newman)3:33
  • Blame (feat. John Newman)3:33